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#TBT Using the 1968 Citizen 2812-Y Seven Star DiverIt turned out a type of normal Saturday afternoons. You realize, the kind where you're fiercely duking it with another bidder who likely comes from a country around the world. The chances are anonymous foe and that i couldn't even communicate with all the spoken word, yet somehow, there there we were, raising our bids in stupidly small Japanese Yen-based increments, thereby extending the auction each and every time by a set amount of minutes prior to the thing went roughly 1 hour past its scheduled end mark. He (I'll please take a guess that it absolutely was a "he") had likely pissed off his partner, if he previously one - we're watch nerds remember, since it was easily 10pm in Japan extending towards 11. Me? I became when it comes to sending my lady from the deep end for deepening that which was already a far-too-dedicated bond with my phone. Then, because nothing happens without the help of the Intermediary (you could remember him for tracking down a Universal Geneve Nina Rindt at what could just be defined as a Wal-Mart Rollback price), I'd his help out with placing bids and after that expecting him to painfully inform me that my combatant had raised by similar to $5 to boost this. In the long run, I finally struck the decisive blow (maybe I raised with a stunning $7 and threw him into chaos) and leveled additional skilled, or dorky, warrior and won the damn thing. Beyond doubt, at this point, you're asking, what from the hell was the main objective of this interminable battle? Well, it had been a duel for a very minty vintage Citizen 2812-Y Seven Star Diver from 1968. Nevertheless it was…For me, vintage Citizen is a little like discovering replica watches yet again. We have a heck of your lot to find out -like Seiko and other brand even - Citizen is its very own universe, this is incredibly distinct - for the present time. Sure, the novel feeling will wear away, but I'm still in discovery mode and despite my tendency to try and absorb as much info in only a small amount time as you possibly can, I'm doing my best to spread this joy out in the future.Yes, I've mentioned in a very prior article about the 51-2273 diver that gathering information about vintage Citizen is exponentially tougher than in the way it is of Seiko given it seems that the company just didn't help it become beyond Japan in numbers until much, later. But, that's not the key reason why I'm taking my gathering of Citizens slowly. Is in reality for just a far sadder reason: I'm running out of interesting things to find out in general that typically attract my 60's-70's sport watch tastes. But watches , the Citizen 2812-Y Seven Star Diver became a watch that we simply needed.A rapid go through the Citizen 2812-Y Seven Star Diver reveals a twin-crown watch that might potentially be wrongly identified as among the many Super Compressors made through the 60's. Naturally, the Compressor designation refers to a claim design that compresses to improve water resistance as well as the Citizen simply mimics the look. Yes, likely to internal dive timer bezel that's operated by twisting the upper crown, however it is way of sealing is by a normal screw-down case back. This, in addition to 2 non screw-down crowns, help make a watch that's water repellent as a result of 100 meters.When looking at the details on the Citizen 2812-Y Seven Star Diver, it's possible to find some serious differences with the aforementioned eponymous Swiss divers through the day that make to this point greater than an easily cancelled Japanese copycat watch. The situation design, in steel, by way of example, is an exaggerated handle the typical Aquastar design - as well nearby the 62MAS. With blocky brushed lugs that flow straight out of your case as well as a squared-off area where the strap mounts, the way it is looks big in support of improves the size a watch which comes in at nearly 44mm across and 50mm from lug to lug. Yes, if small vintage divers are the concern, this may be your watch.There's the Chichen Itza connected with an acrylic crystal within the Citizen 2812-Y Seven Star Diver. Ok, that description is pushing it, nevertheless it has a tall angled side links for the abrupt edge that forms the flat crystal surface. When i mentioned, it's tall and it's distinctive in a very whole world of divers that primarily featured domes.Another real highlight for me may be the case section between twin signed crowns. The way it is juts outward and is pinched in the middle to help form somewhat of a crown guard. It is an odd contour that's not repeated by any means on the opposite side on the case. Again, it's unique but not whatsoever slab-sided like the majority of relatively affordable replica watches.When examining the dial on the Citizen 2812-Y Seven Star Diver, you will find there's advanced of legibility. In this particular version, the dial is matte black (you will discover silver, blue and even red versions - as well as an alternate reference named the 4-520343 Y), plus it sits against a glossy black rotating inner bezel. The dial incorporates a nice white cross hair that sprouts in the core of the dial also it suffers from lume-filled trapezoidal applied markers. As they are the way it is on so many Japanese replica watches, per day and date is found and also as can be the situation on so many Japanese replica watches, it somehow works here. Yes, it provides the watch somewhat of a geeky feel, rolex watch prices there is however a great deal real estate investment to work alongside that this flows well.Quality wise, the printing looks great, so does the applied Citizen name and also the shielded "7" that sits below the Para Water (the model family) name and depth rating. Regarding the hands, some models on this family make use of an hour hand that's similar fit to your minutes hand, however in this situation we have a very "Rolexian" indicator detailed with the lumed Mercedes motif. The sweep hand posesses a lumed lollipop at its end. These hands, furthermore, were found on a number of Citizen divers.Within the Citizen 2812-Y Seven Star Diver may be the automatic 5270 caliber. It beats at a leisurely 18 omega replica watch ,000 bph, and is hand wound. Both day plus the date are quickset using the lower crown merely by turning it either clockwise or perhaps reverse once notch out of your case. My day wheel is unfortunately sticky, but the rest works perfectly as this watch seems like it saw very light duty.The Citizen 2812-Y Seven Star Diver as well as sister reference arises occasionally on various merchants. They're relatively loved by Citizen collectors, but decent versions may still be had approximately $400 - 650. I'd assume that cosmetic parts are relatively difficult to find, though the movements are certainly serviceable. An average quibble I've got with vintage Citizens would be the seemingly thin chrome coatings they employed on the base metal crowns, but otherwise they appear to face up well towards the passage of your time. This place, by the way, came with a funky Japanese rubber Bambi strap, but I've switched against eachother for just a 20mm Tropic. Despite its large diameter, the watch is rather slim at 12.5mm and is useful, but packs presence on my own smaller wrist.The Citizen 2812-Y Seven Star Diver is really a worthy piece to enhance any collection, particularly if factoring to use price. It carried decent water proof and several very nice modern features. Plus, its size makes it oddly not the same as most replica watches of that time. Yes, eventually, that it was a watch worth winning - despite the presence of to get familiar with weekend battle.